Meet the Band

Greg Brignola - Drums Lee Glenn - Guitar
Kirk Kumfert - Vocals Lilah Evans - Bass
Bob Ruggiero - Guitar

Lee Glenn:

Lee Glenn


Lee was born in 1742 during a horrible genetic experiment gone wrong. After various run-ins with the local law, clergy, witch hunters, and angry mob Lee found himself on the business end of a rope while crows picked at his scarred and decimated flesh. History shows that Lee got off easy. They never found ALL of the bodies.

After Lee's subsequent rebirth in the late 60's, he grew up, got a job, got a house, and started a band.

Band: Despite his handicaps, (no obvious sense of rhythm, tone-deaf, vegetarian who hates vegetables), Lee has been a driving force in the band since the beginning. Lee provides the band's practice space and plenty of opinions.

Hobbies: Lee's hobbies include; hating vegetables, wishing most of the world would just die, maintaining the Stone Attic website, and playing with his dogs.

Famous Quote: "What do you mean, 'It's got more then three chords'?"