Meet the Band

Greg Brignola - Drums Lee Glenn - Guitar
Kirk Kumfert - Vocals Lilah Evans - Bass
Bob Ruggiero - Guitar

Kirk Kumfert:

Kirk Kumfert


'Heroic', 'Kindly', 'Generous', 'Philanthropic', 'Not Annoying'; No these words will never be used to describe the vocal monster that is Kirk Kumfert but 'Hey, he can sing!' just may be.

Few fans know that Kirk is the son of a god. Yes, a god. Well, not a god you've heard of but still... Kirk is the son of Stikitus, god of Talcum Powder. Now some might say that being the son of the god of talcum powder isn't such a good thing. I say to these doubters, 'What about all those heavy walkers in the malls who need a little help in keeping their thighs from sticking together?' Beyond Kirk's ability to soothe hot, sweaty skin, he was also blessed with a great set of pipes allowing him to bring the power of the Attic's Rock to the halls of Olympus herself....or at least to the local dive bars.

Band: Kirk jumped on-board the latest iteration of the Attic in mid-2009 taking the center stage in a flurry of missed-words and off-beat rythyms. God help us all.

Hobbies: Kirk's hobbies include throwing pop-quizes at his students to get some extra sleepy-time during his 'working' hours and dreaming of the days he thought teaching would be rewarding.

Famous Quote: "That's a lot of words."