Meet the Band

Greg Brignola - Drums Lee Glenn - Guitar
Kirk Kumfert - Vocals Lilah Evans - Bass
Bob Ruggiero - Guitar

Greg Brignola:

Greg Brignola


Greg is living proof that you don't need to be able to count to 4 several times in a row to be a drummer. Greg was born in the early 70's in a pre-post-modern, conservative, non-segregated all white, anti-protest, pro-nonactive, non-patchuli wearing hippie commune where he quickly learned that living as a hippie really sucks.

Band: Greg met Lee in the early 90's and formed Reckless Abandon. The band name has changed and many members have come and gone since then, but Greg and Lee remain as the non-rythymic heartbeat of the band.

Hobbies: Greg's hobbies include; watching mtv with his three daughters, bitching about being poor, and surfing the web for naked photos of Mel Torme'.

Famous Quote: "How does this song start? How does it end? does it go in the middle?"