Meet the Band

Greg Brignola - Drums Lee Glenn - Guitar
Kirk Kumfert - Vocals Lilah Evans - Bass
Bob Ruggiero - Guitar

Bob Ruggiero:

Bob Ruggiero


Bob was a rising star in the NYC club scene in the mid eighties when his career as a guitar virtuoso abruptly ended after he severed his left thumb in a bizarre slap-chop accident. Attempts to surgically reattach it at the time were futile since the thumb was never found. After he recovered from the trauma of post thumb separation, Bob needed to tap his fallback career as a carnie where he now tours the country setting up and operating the teacup ride.

Bob eventually found his way to a Stone Attic audition by accidently clicking the wrong internet link and expressing interest in what he thought was a complete collection of Neil Young albums on 8-track. Inquiries by the band on details of his accident led to the conclusion that it was a mystery best left unsolved (he is a little sensitive about the topic). Nevertheless, the band was amazed by his ability to play guitar with a missing thumb and chipped in for surgery to replace it with his big left toe. Through the miracles of modern medicine, Bob now is able to fret just enough major, minor and seventh chords to play a limited selection of classic and modern rock tunes from start to finish.

Band: Bob was the last member to join the latest version of the Attic. Fortunately for us, Bob continues other Attic guitarist's tradition of skipping notes, forgetting solos, and playing songs in a different key then the rest of the band. Bob hopes to use the money he makes from band gigs to buy an island in the Caribbean.

Hobbies: Bob's hobbies include kayaking the rivers of PA, exercising his arms with pints of beer, and inventing unmarketable gizmos like the sleeveless snuggie.

Famous Quote: "Hi, I'm Bob."